Aside from being the best anthemic song I’ve heard in awhile, “Gravity” by
Nico Vega took on a personal meaning for me last October when I was laid off. I found myself listening to the song constantly (partly because there was only a 5 song E.P. out) on my drive back to my former employer, as I continued doing the same work for less than half the money and loss of benefits. Anyone who has lost their job in this tough economy, be patient as I know that it’ll turn out much better in the long run. I never would have taken the plunge to start my own design firm had I not been let go, and business has been growing faster than I anticipated. The full-length album is out, and I highly recommend purchasing it. I anticipate that this band is going to sky-rocket to success in the next year.

Nico Vega “Gravity”

Nico Vega "Gravity"

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