As Harvey Danger winds down with their final shows, I thought it would be appropriate to honor one of their earlier songs with a sketch. (At least I think it’s an honor.) Aside from being one of the great straight-forward rock bands with a lot of power, I’ve always admired the way that lead singer Sean Nelson crafts words to create unique, humorous and poignant lyrics that are infectious enough to get me to sing along. I was thrilled when the band reformed and released “Little by Little” since I thought I’d finally get a chance to see them live. Unfortunately, the show never happened in Dallas, so I’ve never seen them live. Harvey Danger is a great band that put out 3 great full-length albums that are in regular rotation at my house, and I’m sorry to hear of their break-up.

Harvey Danger “Carlotta Valdez”

Harvey Danger "Carlotta Valdez"

The band offered the album “Little by Little” as a free download or donate what you think it’s worth a few years before Radiohead did the same thing, but it didn’t make the news. I paid the full amount to the band to get the physical album and it was worth every penny.

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