I filmed the process of today’s sketch. I finished it just under 22 minutes, and oddly enough my hand seems to be moving in rhythm with the song as it’s illustrated. I sped the video up to match the length of the song.

This is probably one of my favorite songs by Modest Mouse, but it was exceptionally hard to pick just one song to sketch. I have too many albums by the band, and they all seem to be in regular rotation at my house. While the band continues to blow me away with each new album, I had a chance to see them live in Dallas a couple of years ago and was really disappointed. The band played well, but the sound was mixed really poorly which destroyed their performance. Plus, we bought presell tickets through the website, and we never received them in the mail. We were still charged. After I did some investigating of the vendor selling the tickets I discovered that they had done the same thing to many fans all over, and it wasn’t just to Modest Mouse fans. I found articles that the same thing happened to Bright Eyes fans. I hunted down a phone number, and left a few messages. I never heard back, so we had to make the hard choice to by crappier tickets through Ticketmaster. I am glad that I saw them, but I doubt that I’ll see them again. Plus, we got to see Man Man as well.

Modest Mouse “Heart Cooks Brain”

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