Possibly some of the best news of 2009 was that Faith No More had reunited for a string of shows. Mike Patton was once again fronting one of the best bands from the 80’s and 90’s, though I’m not sure of what that means for Fantomas and Tomahawk. I saw these guys years ago on the “Angel Dust” tour, and couldn’t believe how great they sound live. I still have the tour shirt tucked away in a drawer somewhere. I truly think that they were ahead of the time. Even though I was a huge fan back then, I probably listen to them even more now. Particularly “Album of the Year” and “Angeldust”. I can hear their influence on many newer bands including Deftones, Korn and System of a Down though I wouldn’t put FNM in the same category.

Faith No More “Last Cup of Sorrow”

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