Today’s sketch features another one of my speed sketching videos. I recently discovered THe BAcksliders while putting together my post for an old Dallas favorite, Vibrolux. Kim Bonner used to be the lead singer of the now defunct band. She contacted me after the post, and offered to send me a Vibrolux CD, as well as stuff from THe BAcksliders the newer band that she’s fronting. First off, I couldn’t believe how gracious she was to respond to the post much less send me music to listen to. I have all 3 CD’s from THe BAcksliders, and I can definitely say that they are perhaps the best rock band to come out of Dallas in awhile. They bridge the gap from country, blues and rock with a style that’s addictive to listen to. I’ve had all three CD’s in steady rotation for the last few of weeks. I’m also excited to say that I’ll be seeing them live this Friday at The City Tavern in Dallas. The show starts at 10, and I will definitely be there. You should be, too. If you are stop by and say hi, because I always like meeting new people.

THe BAcksliders “If You Could Wait”

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