Today’s band is originally from Denton, and one of my old bands was fortunate enough to play many shows with them in the early part of their career. John Vineyard the lead singer/guitarist was in a few classes with me at UNT for graphic design. Drummer Kevin Dotolo went through the photography program at UNT, and he was nice enough to help me with photography for some of my projects. (There was beer exchanged.) Kevin is hands-down one of the best drummers that I’ve known personally. He’s creative but never overplays which is a unique combo for a drummer. John now lives in California though the band still records and plays great music. I’m happy to see that El Gato will be playing this Saturday, May 8th, 2010 at The Double Wide in Dallas. I’m hoping to be able to make the show, because I haven’t heard them live since 1998. Check them out, because I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

El Gato “Scorpions In Your Shoes”

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