Lucy’s Fur Coat came to fame at the wrong time. First came grunge with the likes of Alice in Chains and Soundgarden getting heavy radio play that defined the genre for most people. Then came Stone Temple Pilots who combined the sound of the grunge artists while bringing back elements of straight rock. Lucy’s Fur Coat released “Treasure Hands” which got some decent air time on MTV after all of these bands, and I always felt that they were following in the footsteps of STP. While I’m usually not a fan of bands that sound so close to others in the genre, I’ve always had an affinity for Lucy’s Fur Coat. Easy is one of my favorites off their debut album “Jaundice,” and it still sounds fresh today. If you’d like to hear the song it starts at about 3:43 in the YouTube video link.

Lucy’s Fur Coat “Easy”

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