I’ve only recently discovered Cricket Taylor & The Electro-Magnetics. I went to see The Backsliders a few weeks back and they happened to be one of the opening bands. I was completely blown away by the bluesy, soulfulness of the band backed by the sultry sounds of guitarist/singer Cricket Taylor. I spoke to the drummer after the show to try and buy a CD, but he said that it wasn’t out yet. I was told that it would be out soon. I don’t think it’s been released yet, but you can listen to 3 tracks on their site. “Never Too Late” being my favorite of the bunch. Needless to say the show that night was incredible, because I always love discovering new bands and The Backsliders was a perfect compliment. Hopefully, these two bands will team up for more shows together.

Cricket Taylor & The Electro-Magnetics “Never Too Late”

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