Cityview is one of Fort Worth’s best bands, and I’m not just saying that because I’m friends with guitarist John Robinson. Their sound is fresh with elements of Smoking Popes, The Weakerthans and Little Brazil. Most of their songs tell stories that are outside of the realm of the typical heartbreak and addiction themes that seem to permeate all genres of music. I bring this up because it’s nice to pull inspiration from the story of a murderer versus trying to illustrate another way to show a broken heart.

I decided to make another speed sketch. This drawing took 32 minutes, and as always there was no reference other than my imagination and the CD to make sure that I spelled the title correctly. Yes, I’ve misspelled and put the wrong titles on some previous sketches which I will be highlighting in the book.

Cityview’s CD release party is July 9th at the Moon Bar in Fort Worth. Come out and see them. Better yet, buy their CD. A portion of the proceeds goes to Operation Kindness. I’ll be there with my knives sharpened.

Cityview “Sarah’s Knives”

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