Bettye Swann rereleased an album of songs recorded from 1968-1970. I first heard of her on a special episode of All Songs Considered earlier this year which featured great break up songs. Her soulful voice and honest delivery of “(My Heart Is) Closed For The Season” made me instantly fall in love with her sound. The album is full of some of the saddest and best R&B songs I’ve heard in a long time. The liner notes inside the album tell about how Bettye got sick of the games and mistreatment that she endured during her long career. Basically, she wasn’t happy with what she did, so she left the business, and disappeared completely. The person who recompiled the songs was able to find her, and had a couple of phone conversations. She lives in Las Vegas and works with children with educational problems. He said she couldn’t sound happier. It’s a shame that the music industry treated such a gifted singer so bad, but ultimately she’s doing what she truly loves now.

Bettye Swann “Little Things Mean A Lot”

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