Synesthesia the book companion to the sketch of the day blog project

From July of 2009 to July of 2010, you might remember a little project that I worked on, called sketch of the day. In case not, here’s the official details. I did a sketch a day inspired by a song in my music collection. I say music collection because yes, I’m that person who still buys CDs and records. I had six basic rules or guidelines for each sketch.

  1. Black & white only
  2. One round of revisions
  3. No references
  4. Song titles must be included
  5. Completed in under an hour
  6. No bands could be repeated

“Synesthesia” chronicles the project from beginning to end with all 366 sketches organized into reoccurring themes. In addition, the 274 page book includes finalized posters, shirts, prints, as well as some of the emails from the bands featured for a unique behind-the-scenes look into my daily drawing. I even have a chapter dedicated to my mistakes. Check twice, ink once.

You can check out a 39 page preview, and pick up your copy at Blurb.

I thank everyone who visited and commented on the posts, and I hope that you find “Synesthesia” to be a great addition to the project.

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