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It’s that time again. Pick your favorite from the options below, and I’ll develop the most popular choice into a finished poster. If you don’t see an option that you feel should really be in there feel free to write it in. You can vote until may 11th at midnight.

Here’s links for your convenience.
The Clientele, “My Own Face Inside the Trees”
Danzig, “Devil’s Plaything”
Karen O & The Kids, “Worried Shoes”
Porno For Pyros, “Pets”

Here’s a sneak peek at the Q1 poll winner. We’ve printed the first of three colors for 53 posters.


If The Beatles and Luna had a baby you’d get a band that sounds like The Clientele. Everytime I listen to “Strange Geometry” I like the band even more. I really need to get some of their other albums.

The Clientele “My Own Face Inside the Trees”

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