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I’m not the biggest fan of guitar, especially acoustic, but I’m absolutely amazed by the sounds that Rodrigo y Gabriela are able to make. I don’t think I’d be overstating their talent when I say that they may both be the most talented guitarists and possibly the best musicians that I’ve ever heard. Their sound pulls in the influences of flamenco and classical guitar, but the speed and technicality at which they play is other-worldly. Throw in the fact that they both are able to drum, hammer and tap the percussive backing to their songs all while hitting a million clean notes in one beat, and you have the ingredients for possibly the coolest video and audio presentation ever. They are currently touring in support of their new album. Though they aren’t coming to Dallas, I’m thinking about driving to Austin or San Antonio just to see them live. To put that in perspective, I have never driven more than an hour to see a band.

Rodrigo y Gabriela “Tamacun”

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