A little over a week ago, I promised another speed sketch for a great Dallas/Fort Worth band. If you don’t believe me check out the Cityview sketch. Today’s sketch is inspired by In Memory of Man, a great band that somehow I keep missing live. If I remember correctly, In Memory of Man was formed by most of the members of Loaded Moses. Their sound is complex in that I hear something new and great every time I listen to their E.P. On last listen I heard elements of T.V. on the Radio, Soundgarden and Faith No More. They are having a CD release party on Saturday, July 24th at Lola’s in Fort Worth, so you should definitely check them out. Buy lots of CDs and tell them that I said hello, since I once again won’t be able to make it. I’m confident that I will see them before year’s end.

BTW, the speed sketch clocked in at just under 42 minutes.

In Memory of Man “My Sweet (Cathexis)”

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